Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Consume Me Like a Fire 'Cause I Just Want Something Beautiful

Hey everyone. :)

I hope today is going well for you! I'm just going to be honest, it started out as a very rough day for me, but it got better as the day progressed. I'm glad to be in my quiet dorm now though.

Today's topic of the blog challenge I'm doing with my best friend is to write my favorite and least favorite things about myself.
So here we gooooo....

Least Favorite/Stuff I Hate About Myself

  • overanalyze pretty much EVERYTHING.  I guess it can come in handy in very rare situations, like if I needed to deeply think through something important, but for the most part it's just annoying.
  • I'm super shy which does not help when meeting new people.  I'm trying so hard to overcome this.
  • I am an introvert(which I suppose has to do with the above fact) and so I would much rather just hide in my room or find some quiet place at the library to chill than be around a bunch of loud people.  I really hate this because I don't want to be a cave hermit.  So I'm trying to push myself to be more out there.
  • I can't sing work a flip, and I've aways wanted to be able to. It just seems like it would be a lot of fun.
  • Oh and I'm not even the slightest bit athletic.  Seriously, it's embarrassing.

Things I Like About Myself

  • I love to have fun with my friends and family, and I think I'm friendly :)
  • I'm pretty compassionate and I like helping people
  • I like that I'm artistic/creative. art=my happy spot.
  • I'm a Christian and I'm very happy about that because I LOVE Jesus and don't even want to imagine what my life would be like without Him.
  • I'm pretty good at solving problems (like life problems, not math problems.  Math scares me.)

Weelllllll those are some of the things I hate and like about myself.  Yeah, I'm not perfect, and I realize that every single day.  No one is perfect. But Jesus loves us anyway!  That's just amazing to me.

I wasn't really excited about this blog prompt.  Talking about myself and being personal freaks me out (introvert probs).  But that's one of the good things about this challenge! It's pushing me out of my comfort zone! So yay :)

Hope you all had a good day! :)  We're almost to the weekend! Sort of!  Hang it there!! 

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