About Me

Hi :)

I'm Mary.  I don't really like talking about myself, so I'm just going to give you a bunch of random fact about me..

This is me: (duh)

-I recently cut 14 inches off my hair and I feel pretty free right now.

-I am a freshman in college! And I was homeschooled all of my life up until now.

-My favorite color is grey. Exciting, right?

-I've never been stung by a bee. I'm kind of proud of this..

-I love to paint, draw, sculpt.... I love art.

-I have a younger brother and a younger sister, and phenomenal parents.  And I love them all dearly.

(That's my siblings and me. Aren't we cute?!)

-Jesus is my Savior and I love Him so much.

-I tend to just love people in general...

-I fell in love with Ireland when I went there on a mission trip this past summer

-On this mission trip I think I also just fell in love with the world and as of right now my dream is to just live all over the world and help people and serve God.

-A lot of these facts have to do with love...

-Crunchy peanut butter, bananas, oranges, potatoes, and chocolate are some of my favorite foods.

-I like to write..

-Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Coldplay and Kodaline are my favorite artists... and ok I like One Direction. :P

Ok I'm done. :)   

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