Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And All These Little Things

Yes. Okay. Maybe I should be reading my book on fossil legends and writing a paper on it right now instead of writing this blog.  But guess what? I a wonderful procrastinator.  

So I just wanted to share how wonderful my day has been.

I went to classes as usual, but then after my final class of the day I hurried off to the gym to run on the track. Can I run well? Nope. I'm working on that.

After that I got all cleaned up and went to the BCM on my campus. (BCM stands for Baptist Collegiate Ministries) I listened to the fascinating lesson on God's power and then I auditioned for a role in the dinner theater production that the BCM will be having. I have no idea if I'll get a part, but just auditioning made me so happy because it brought back fun memories of my high school's dramas that I was in. 

And lastly, I went to the cafeteria with a friend and ate a wonderful sandwich and a yummy yummy brownie. (It's the little things y'all.)

Okay so yeah, I really liked my day. Nothing major happened, but like I said above, it's the little things.

Happy Tuesday!

(So this is what my walk to class looked like at 8am today.)

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