Monday, September 2, 2013

And We Danced All Night to the Best Song EVER

Hey Everyone!!

So today Victoria and I are blogging about our weekends as a part of the blog challenge.

This weekend was just kinda chill for me.  But I'm not complaining, I really needed some fun relaxing time after this crazy week!

Friday I slept in til about 1pm.  Crazy, right? I didn't have any classes that day, thank goodness, but I did miss eating lunch with my friends which made me sad.  I think for a while they thought I was dead somewhere or something... Oops.

But the day got so much better!! That evening I went with some friends to eat at a fun local restaurant that has really weird and yummy food, and then we went to see a movie.  What movie?  THIS IS US.  Yes, we went to go see the One Direction movie, and it was wonderful.  Ha.

(I don't own this picture.  Obviously.)

 Not only did the boys make it just a wonderful movie to look at, but it was actually super funny and entertaining.  Highly recommend it ;)

Saturday I pretty much did absolutely NOTHING.  My roommate was out of down for the weekend so I had the whole dorm to myself.  I walked to the library with the hopes of getting some Starbucks, but Starbucks was closed, so I ended up just going in and writing.  That was really cool because I usually don't take time to just sit and write.

After that I came back to my dorm and was a very good college student and I did all of my homework.  Ha.  Just kidding.  I watched wayyyyyy more episodes of Pretty Little Liars than I would care to mention.  My roommate got me addicted to it!

Sunday I went to church and then met my family for lunch.  I hadn't seen them in a week so that was nice.  And then I came back to my dorm and then I went to a Bible study that evening.

My best friend, Victoria, spent the night after that because our plan was to wake up extremely early and go kayaking with a group of people.  But there was a flash flood warning so kayaking didn't happen.  Instead, I went home, did laundry and ate dinner with my family. Then came back to my dorm and did homework.  Livin' it up.

Well that was my weekend!! And all in all it was very happy :)  I hope you had a great Labor Day!!

(And by the way I've been playing around with the look of my blog.  So if you thought it looked different, it does.  You aren't crazy, about that at least..)

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