Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Joy of Nothing is a Sweeter Something

Heyyyy. So I forgot to post yesterday, so here is  the yesterday (Wednesday) post.

I nearly forgot about it again today. Until now.  And it's 2am.  I'm tired.  So guess what? It's gonna be a short blog post.

Go see what Victoria wrote.

What I'm Excited About

I'm excited about this weekend.  It'll be a four day weekend because I have no classes tomorrow and Monday is a holiday. I'm going to see the 1D movie with Victoria and some other cool people, I'm going kayaking, I'm going to not have classes, and I'm going to sleep. So excited.

And I'm just excited about life right now.  I love living in my dorm, I'm excited about my classes, hanging out with my friends is so much fun, and just living and moving forward and enjoying life. It's all exciting.

Oh and I'm excited that the new Foy Vance album came out.  It's really good.  :)


Okay goodnight! :)

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