Friday, August 23, 2013

I Don't Care! I Love It!

Okay so this is really late. But here is the 3rd entry of the blog challenge with my best friend, Victoria! Go look at her blog.

Today's topic:

Summer Bingeing

What was my guilty summer pleasure?


It was food........ *cough* Okay it was food.  My guilty summer pleasure was food.

When I went to Ireland I ate. And ate. And ate. And ate some more. It was glorious.

I discovered that I love food. It makes me happy. Yeah, call me a fatty if you want.  But it's true. Food is good.  And I eat healthy.... usually. And exercise...... on occasion.

But anyway, over the summer I ate food.

The consequence of this bingeing?  I got a food baby. :( Oh well. It's not like I had rock hard abs to begin with.  But I don't really care. I love it. *Jams out to Icona Pop*

But hey, my college has a gym! Woop woop!

Oh! Which reminds me! I moved into my dorm today!! *Happy dance*

Isn't it cute?! ;P


Classes start Monday! :O

Happy Friday!!