Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Just Came to Say Hello

Well, hi :)

If you have looked to the right you've probably noticed that my name is Mary. And I love Jesus. And like chocolate. And really want to see the world. So since you know my name, and all of that, I'm gonna skip the introduction of myself. 

Okay so let's face it: first blog posts are always awkward.  And when I say awkward, I mean like momentarily forgetting the name of your coworker you've worked with for 6 months when saying hello to them, receiving a Christmas present from someone that you bought nothing for, and realizing when you are out in town that you probably should have worn the beige underwear with your light colored dress instead of the bright blue.  Yeah, 1st posts are awkward. I think they're awkward because you really have so many expectations for them, and so many ideas and things to type, that to the reader you most likely end up sounding like a 4 year old with too much sugar.  Or you have no idea where you're going with the post (like me) and end up rambling about awkwardness, blue underwear, etc.

My plan for this blog is to blog about pretty much everything.  

In exactly 10 days I will be graduating from high school. *insert extreme happiness here* This summer I plan to do absolutely nothing except what sounds fun (ok I'm still gonna work, and clean, and stuff.), go to Ireland to tell people about how awesome Jesus is, and then go to college.

COLLEGE. Hello. I'm excited. And only sllllllightly nervous.  I mean, I've been homeschooled all my life (but I'm not one of those all day TV watching homeschoolers.  I actually kicked my butt in school, mind you) , so its going to be a whole new world.  And I believe I will have lots to blog about: decorating a dorm room on a minimum wage budget, eating in college in a healthy style (or trying to--I really like pizza, okay?!), and I'll probably even vent on crazy things.

It's exciting.

So what's up with the blog name?  Well I like cherries and enjoy painting.  They make me happy.  And it's very hard to choose a name that isn't taken.  Not everything has to be deep.  :P

 Ok I've blabbed on loooonnnnnnngggggg enough.  And I really wanna go eat ice cream now.     (I just got this new computer and so I'm not eating or drinking within 5 yards of it because I'm a klutz.)

Oh and since I just got this blog I'll be changing some things around and such.  Just FYI.  Feel free to give feed back.  Unless it's negative.


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